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Stepping Out

"A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for." From a book of sayings by John A Shedd, Salt from My Attic published in 1928, this quote has morphed and been passed around quite a bit. The reason for that is its inherent challenge to face fear in order to do in your life that for which you were made—to chase your purpose. Along with the courage to step out, one must also seek wisdom, which is best gained from those who have gone before you. The global population will surpass 8 billion soon, so suffice it to say there are most likely more than a few people who have already set out on the path you're taking [unless you're going to Mars]!! Who are they? What can you learn from them?

I've had the desire for a long time for my life to look a certain way. At some point, I hit the realization that if I was going to reach that goal, I would have to set out on that journey in a way that was different than what I had been doing. Here's what I've done since and what I can recommend to you...

Start with encompassing yourself with cheerleaders. I get that not everyone's family is supportive of your dreams, so find the people who you trust and are wise and get them on board with encouraging you in your goals. Next, find the people who have successfully traveled this road. I heard one person say once, "always be sure you're the dumbest person at the table" when speaking about dining with those in the industry you're pursuing. The goal here isn't to show off your knowledge, but to learn from others who can help keep you from making the mistakes they made.

Always remember to keep your dream in front of you. Set unrealistic goals for yourself, the work at making them realistic by breaking them down to their baby steps. Take one step at a time, and celebrate each step you take towards that dream!

What are your dreams for your life that you haven't yet fulfilled? What obstacles lie in your path? Spend some time considering what ways you can get around those obstacles--look for opportunities!

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