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Motivation Creation

Sometimes motivation just happens to us: we get an idea and run with it! Our dreams and plans fuel each leap and bound forward! Other times, motivation is lacking. The dreams and plans are still there, but they seem less attainable or more distant. Perhaps doubt has slipped in, or maybe it's distraction.

A lot of the gurus out there will tell you to make a vision board, and they're absolutely correct that that can help! But what if it's not helping? What do you do when those visions on your board just seem so far away and unattainable?

We've all heard the sayings "the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step" and "Rome wasn't built in a day." Step by step and brick by brick, each was completed, and in our lives it can be very difficult to see progress because it happens so slowly. So now it's time to start tracking it. Grab one of those half-empty journals lying around, or open up the note taking app on your phone. This will be your personal motivation assistant. Every couple of days, or as often as you like, take note of the areas in your life, especially things you have represented on your vision board, where you see progress. What tasks did you complete that bring you closer to your goals? Did you make some phone calls to potential clients? Did you set aside time to do something fun with your family? Did you help out a non profit as a volunteer? Did you do a workout? It doesn't have to be huge areas of progress, just baby steps, but make sure you keep a log of it!

Fast forward a few weeks and you're feeling demotivated again. Your goals seem so far away and the amount of effort to get there feels overwhelming. Get out your personal motivation assistant and read through your notes of the bricks you've laid over the past couple of weeks. You're that much closer to your goals! You've got this! Just keep laying those bricks and taking those steps one at a time! Once you've finished looking through your progress of the past weeks and months, put down you notebook or note app and find another task to complete so you can add to that list!

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