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Come Out and Play!

My sister said something to my nieces the other day that caught my attention. The one (four years old) was lamenting being a child and couldn't wait to be a grown up so she could have coffee. After a joke about coffee not being a treat but a necessity, my sister chimed in, explaining to her daughter that being an adult means that we are serious a lot, and that as a child, she can play and have fun. She expanded by pointing out how all of us adults enjoy playing with them [my nieces] because it allows us time to play and have fun as well.

What truthful words! There is, to a great extent, the need for adults to be serious, as the decisions we make can have far-reaching and serious consequences; however, there is still the need for play. We tend to unwind in front of the TV, and while we are able to suspend reality while it is on, reality is still there when we turn it off. Play, on the other hand, doesn't just allow us an escape from reality for a time, it allows us to form memories that can bring us joy long after we plug back into the world. For me, play can be exploring trails, watching the waves on the shoreline, climbing on obstacle courses, and any number of activities (playing with nieces and nephews, playing board or video games with family, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding). On top of that, there are so many activities I haven't tried yet but want to! I am starting to be more purposeful about planning times to play each week.

What types of child-like play do you enjoy? Do you plan time each week? Would you like to?

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