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Photo Feature: Hibiscus

This is a new series to share some background on some of my favorite images, including what was going through my mind and the emotions I felt when I captured each picture. Here's a little bit of background on my image Hibiscus!

Visiting a botanical garden, these caught my eye. With the pinks, reds, and oranges mixing together, this cheery hibiscus appeared so happy, stretching out towards the sunlight. When I was thinking about how I wanted to capture this joyful flower, I decided I wanted to get its "perspective" of the world and what it sees. With the sun filtering through the petals, illuminating the variegation in each, I was able to get a peek at its view: beautiful skies and bright colors of other flowers against a backdrop of greens. The other blooms from this hibiscus maintain close companionship as they all reach out together towards the sun!

This image remains one of my favorite floral pictures. Not only did the color remind me of an epic sunset or sunrise, the petals seemed to almost glow and shimmer in the sunshine against the contrasting green foliage. The flawless shadow of the style and anther completed the perspective to give the whole view of the flower and its attributes.

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