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Turning Knowledge into Action

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Trying something new? Most likely, you've done some research into what it is you're interested in trying out. Maybe it's a new activity, like backpacking, or maybe it's a new recipe, or maybe it's a new job.

It can be fascinating to study the intricacies of new things. Maybe we're looking up equipment and reading reviews to give backpacking a first try. Maybe we're even looking up local groups where we can meet others who have experience. We research, we talk with others, we even buy some equipment, but without any action, we're not actually moving much closer to giving it a try.

There can be a lot of things that hold us back from turning our knowledge into action. Fear of failure, which in some cases could be from fear of injury or embarrassment. Fear of success, believe it or not, can manifest when you're afraid of what happens after a successful first action—will you be able to repeat it and find success again? Will you know what "next step" to take after your initial success? Will success be all it's cracked up to be? Finally, it may not be fear holding you back at all. Sometimes, we can get so caught up in acquiring the knowledge, we don't even notice we're not turning it into action.

Is there something you want to try? Maybe you've been researching it over the course of a long period, and maybe not. Do you feel ready to take action? What's holding you back? Ask yourself, "how do I turn my knowledge into action?"

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